Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just Watch the Passing Show

I am present awareness. Giving up the concept of time, I see THIS PRESENT MOMENT. Movement happens, forms come and go, but I never move, never change.

The world passes through this moment - the moment never changes. Forms are transient, what I am is not.

The constant is awareness - the variable is everything in awareness. Time only appears to move in thought. As I string together all these arisings in memory, I am fooled, kept in an illusion.

Stepping back from this, I see these objects pass by - the world is created in this moment, now, now, forever NOW.

I never move - I just watch the passing show. I do not care for it - as long as the body remains, it will arise. There is no problem - all that arises will pass, even that body-mind. I cannot be touched by anything that arises - I only watch.

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