Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who Cares?

I do not care for this world - the world does not actually exist. As the appearances arise, I am neither interested nor deceived. For all arises within what I am.

Appearances arise as bubbles coming to the surface, popping, then subsequent waves appear as thought. This is all very pretty and sometimes ugly, but it is totally meaningless.

There never was anyone to have a problem, never was anyone to be concerned, to hold an opinion, to be affected by any of the arisings. This body and all others are simply dead. I impart the only life they ever had. I animate them from inside. They are simply dead bags of skin. They hold no inherent value, are not separate from myself. They are only a play of light, a dance of energy. They are not special, cannot do anything, have no meaning.

To me - the world is an annoyance. When the day comes for this body to die, it will be joyous.

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