Saturday, August 4, 2007


I am the Absolute - I create the world but I am beyond the world. Every particle, every atom, is my body. The sun shines in my heart, supernovas explode in my mind. I hold the earth in my hands.

Walking through the world - I walk through myself. I breathe in myself, meet myself as a passerby. Overlooking the ocean, I press up against every shore. Gazing at the mountains, I rise to touch the sky. I am reading this right now through your eyes.

The person you have taken yourself to be is an illusion, a mistaken assumption. You are the Absolute - you create the world, you are the world and beyond. You don't have to search to find yourself - you are already THAT.

On the relative level of the world, you are the Witness. You are looking out the eyes - seeing the body, knowing the thoughts - but you are not the body or the thoughts. You have no head, no arms, no torso, no legs. You have no mind, no thoughts - you witness all this. You have no identity, no personality, no flavor of a person. You are not the doer. You are simply the witness of all these arisings.

As the Absolute - you are that body and all others. You are those thoughts and the thoughts of all other beings. You are that rock, that chair, that star, the Universe. There is only one substance and you are that.

All experiences are relative - walking the dog, driving the car, eating a sandwich... there is no "you" doing any of this - on this relative level you are simply the witness of all these activities. You do not make choices, you do not participate. You witness the body and mind functioning.

The Absolute is Oneness - all waves on the ocean are still part of the ocean. Waves seemingly arise but they are still water. All perceivables and conceivables are YOU, as the Absolute. There can be no experience of the Absolute because that goes back to the relative level. You cannot gain this, attain this, achieve this, learn this - you can only BE this - because this is what you ALREADY ARE.

The search is inherently false. It is like the man who searches for his glasses but all the while they are on top of his head. You are already what you are searching for. It is the process of the search, the apparent movement into thought, trying to figure all this out, that seemingly obscures. But in reality what you are can never be obscured - you are the very light which illuminates the world.

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