Monday, July 30, 2007


What is control? You say "I want to control my life." "I want to make my life better."

Control is the belief that there is a person there who can control. But what if this person, this sense of "ME" is false? Who is in control?

The feeling that there is an "I" who can control is the apparatus of suffering. When "things" don't go the way we want, we suffer. We think we "should have" done something different. We "wish" we could have controlled that "situation" or that "other person." We "try" to set goals, "attempt" to direct all the components of "our life" to make the "outcome" to our liking.

Clear seeing drops the bottom out of all this. The root of this equation - "I" - is found to be absent. The very foundation of the life story is seen as a false assumption, a ghost, a phantom, a "center" that is found to have never really been there.

So WHO is left to control, in control? WHO thinks, who wishes, who tries, who sets goals, who directs this life story?

Seeing this - "life" goes on but there is no one at the wheel, not that there was "someone" there and they left, but that there simply NEVER WAS anyone at the wheel. The wheel turns, the car goes ahead as before - but there is no driver, no DO-ER.

The world goes on but it is left as is - knowing that there is NO ONE who controls and that there is nothing that needs changing.

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I have one myself at, and I've been tended to start writing in english the insights that usually comes up.