Monday, July 30, 2007

Only the Self IS

Through investigation of the "I" - it may be seen that this is an assumption, a false center, a reference point which has been believed in. This belief, along with the story attached to it, has been the source of all suffering.

We have grown up being taught to be an "individual". "Be your own person!" "Find your real purpose in life." This is all nonsense.

WHAT YOU ARE expresses through the thought "I AM". Every perception, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch - apparently reveals a body surrounded by the world outside. But what is this body? What is this world?

If you stop breaking it down in the mind for just a moment, see it as one whole, immediate experience, even the body is part of this experience. Everything perceived cannot be broken down in reality. It is only the mind which apparently separates this whole into parts, the body, the chair, the computer, the room, the universe. The world is literally created out of this process.

Step back for a moment and SEE this. Feel that solid block of reality - it all hits at once in the NOW. See that the mind separates it after the fact - in time - this is the illusion.

In reality, only the Self IS. Brahman and Maya are the same - the very world you perceive (maya) is nothing other than Brahman itself, the Absolute. The only way Brahman can know itself is to manifest (maya).

This world arises in and as Awareness - it is the sense you have always known - it is the sense which encompasses the contents of all other apparent senses. It is the very activity of KNOWING - not knowledge - KNOWING. Knowledge is accumulated - KNOWING is happening NOW. It is not an intellectual process - this is only the mind.

What you really are is this activity of knowing, this presence-awareness. You are not the content of knowing - not even the body which manifests the senses. That body is just another object in awareness. You are the very knowing in which the body, the world, arises in.

Seeing this, what is left to do? How can any "story" ever touch or bother you? See that this person, this life story, is just a play of thoughts. Anything that happened, only happened NOW - the rest of it (meaning, purpose, goals, hardships, suffering, regrets about the "past", anxieties about the "future") only happens in thought.

Everything perceivable or conceivable is only YOU. Simply investigate this "I" that you have believed in for so long. Where is it? Is it real? Once this "I" is seen as false, all seeking drops away. There will be no answers to the questions, no resolution to the search. Only a knowing that the questions were all false, that there never was a seeker to begin with.

There is literally nothing else that needs to be done.

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