Monday, July 23, 2007


It is so simple, clear and obvious. What you are is closer than your face, closer than thoughts, closer than your breath. It is that by which all else is known. It is BEINGNESS, AWARENESS...

You are caught up in thought. You have identified with thought, with this body-mind mechanism. This is NOT what you are. Notice that thoughts have no power. Notice that YOU ARE, before, during and after thoughts come and go. Notice that you are the very no-thing out of which every-thing arises.

This is not some special "state", some blissful experience. Your expectations blind you to what is REAL. THIS! Just this, as it is, RIGHT NOW - no modification needed, no correction possible, no one here to do any of this.

There is literally no one home. There is no person in that body, in that mind. Cease identifying with that concept, see through this false assumption - that is all. The sense of "I" is only a thought. Notice this! See how this functions. There is nothing inherently wrong with this "I"-thought, except that you take yourself to be it. You are not. The "you" you've taken yourself to be does not exist.

This is the only thing that needs to be done. Your apparent bondage is an illusion. Your bondage is the very belief that there is bondage. Your suffering is the very belief that there is someone who suffers. Freedom is seemingly obscured by the very attempts to find freedom.

There is no dropping of the "I", only a knowing that there is no "I" to drop.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said.

Thoughts, its all just thoughts.
isn't it ?

Gilbert Schultz said...

Who says it is all just thoughts?
Who asks "isn't it?" - who doubts?
That is all thought.
Awareness is THAT which KNOWS.
It is nothing other than KNOWING.
All qualities appear in awareness - whether it be a thought, an object, a state of mind or a sparrows fart - it is ALL awareness apearing to be this and that.
THIS is so obvious, so obvious that no thought can reveal it - because it is prior to thought.
It is simply 'KNOWING' the ACTIVITY of knowing and THAT is all there IS.
Who doubts THAT?
Only a conceptual appearance in mind can doubt, is doubt and that is ignorance - a concept is not the reality - it is an appearance.
Knowing that is the difference between what you are and what you think you are.

Anonymous said...

what's your email address?
i've got a question