Sunday, July 22, 2007

How do I find my true self?

Your world is a personal world - only you have access to it. My world is open to all. You believe you are confined to a body, surrounded by an outside world full of people, buildings, trees, beliefs... In my world, I am all there is. I am both the world itself and beyond the world.

Investigate this feeling that you are confined to a body. Where are the boundaries of this apparent body? Where do you stop and the outside world begin? Can you find any boundary outside of thought or concept? Without using thought, can you actually find the separation? Without using thought, can you find this person? Where is this center? Where is this entity you take yourself to be?

Observe thought - what is it? Does it have any power? Does it actually do anything? Do you have control of it? Observe the way it creates separation, delineates WHAT IS into THIS and THAT. Observe how concepts are believed in without direct evidence. Observe how the "I" is brought into the equation with the activity of knowing - "I" see a "chair". That is the point of separation - believing that there is a separate "I" that sees a separate "chair". In reality, there is only SEEING.

See this mechanism in action and then drop it. Even for just a moment. Just drop it. Stay in the SEEING only. Notice that when you look out at "the world", if you don't bring thought or concept into it, there is no real separation between apparent objects, including this body.

This SEEING is happening, presently, NOW, NOW, NOW... at some point thoughts arise and then the person is created all over again, living in a world, sitting on a chair, watching TV or surfing the Internet.

This is your personal world. Realize it is only a creation of thought. Realize that WHAT YOU ARE is THIS, just as it is, without any definitions, labels, beliefs, past, future, life story. What you are is not contained in a body, what you are is what the apparent body arises in, what the world you perceive arises in. You create the world! But not the personal "YOU" - as the Absolute, you ARE the world. Everywhere you look, all you find is your true Self.

You don't find your true self - you realize that your true self was never lost.

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