Friday, July 20, 2007

What am I?

As a ME, as a separate person, a little self in a body, as "I" - I am afraid. The very ground I walk on shakes, is unstable. There are others who may or may not like me, may approve or judge me. Sometimes I like myself, sometimes (most times) I don't. It's funny how I appear to myself.

When I look in the mirror, I always find something wrong with my body. When I talk, I always want to be right.

Much of the world that I live in has been explained by my parent, by religion, by science. I accept this but sometimes don't understand how God can judge me. I have an opinion on the matter, am biased towards a certain Religion or set of beliefs.

At some point, I know I will die. I see other people die and it scares me. I have to trust that God knows best.


When what I am is realized or rediscovered or re-cognized - I have no legs to stand. The world exists in me - I am both the creator and the foundation of the world. I am unshakable, unmovable, I am silence and stillness. The world of sound, movement and form comes out of what I am.

This body is no more real than the image in the mirror. All appearance are as if reflected in a mirror - I am the mirror - nothing I reflect can stain me or ever touch me.

I know no right or wrong - all talk of right and wrong is ignorance. All labels are relative and don't actually apply to reality. I am WHAT IS.

Religion and spirituality no longer hold meaning - God is WHAT I AM, what you are. God exists in all. Looking across the panorama of existence, a bustling city or a remote countryside, I see nothing but God.

I hold no beliefs, no bias or prejudice. Each apparent separate form is only an expression of what I am. I hold the Sun in my heart, Galaxies swirl inside of me, the universe is my true face.

I was never born and will never die. As Life itself, I live through Life, AM Life. Forms come and go, are transient, impermanent. But what I am is not transient - it is the only thing that never changes, never comes or goes.

Walking through this world - no chain can bind, no prison can hold. No word can adhere, no belief can encapsulate. No description can describe, no concept can capture. What I am is no thing and everything.


Anonymous said...


Thank you.

albert burch said...

Hi Randall,
All you say sounds conceptual, of course. I guess the point is to really see what the concepts refer to. So you may say them over and over in slightly different ways, still all conceptual, until maybe enough concepts remove enough other concepts to reveal "what already is", concept-free.
Anyway, one question: How can we distinguish pure awareness itself from the content of awareness? These body-minds are surely content-generators. And the contents themselves may be what perceives other contents. Anyway, someone once advised to notice the difference between awareness and thinking about awareness. I guess we ("me") may just need to do the homework, and then see if there are still questions.
What do you think, Randall?

Randall Friend said...


ALL words are inherently false, including every one in this blog. However some concepts can point back to that which is beyond words and concepts. At that point the words and concepts are discarded.

Pure awareness can not be distinguished from the content of awareness, except in the mind. What you are is all of it, awareness and the content. You are the world and also beyond the world. There is no separation.

Just stay in the sense "I AM" - trace it back. What you are is that presence-awareness in which all content arises - you are the ground of all experience and states.

Yes - just give up all words and concepts and just BE.


Gilbert Schultz said...

You are all of it and none of it - a paradox for the mind.
The mind is a vibration - it has poles - polar opposite where reference points appear as bouncing surfaces......a membrane, a mirror.......awareness is beyond all surfaces, all points in space - they say it is space-like awareness - who cares what they say - re-discover the directness of cognition. re-cognition is in mind and cognition is non dual awareness - in which they is NO entity to claim any thing......
space-like means it is not an object, not a thing....and the dualistic mind cannot abide with NO thing because its vibrational nature just dissipates into that NO does that HARM done to anyone......
The appearance of Being is NOT Being........all being appears out of non being and you are BOTH and they are NOT TWO.
'One without a second' is the simplest expression and it cover everything......
Pure Knowing is already present AS presence-awareness.
Warm regards - Gilbert of Shining through the