Tuesday, March 17, 2015

No ME To Be Found

You were never born. Your existence did not begin and will not end. This body-mind is a fleeting window of experience - when it ceases you do not cease. You cannot be liberated because you were never bound in the first place. The only prison is the prison of false belief, false ideas about transient existence. These were issued to you but they can be seen through. Seeing through them, your entire foundation falls away - this foundation is an extremely complex framework ...and encompasses every single thing you think you know. When that falls away, you are left, literally, with nothing. And it is just as it should be.

The first step is to see how much this false idea of independent, transient existence is at the very core of everything you believe. Then every single question you have, is found to arise from this false idea. Take away the idea and the question no longer arises. You find you cannot find one single question that doesn't assume a separate, transient existence.

Right this very instant, there is no such thing as a separate existence. Existence, if we can call it that, is all there is. That is appearing as every "thing" - all boundaries, all beginnings and endings, all form, all absence of form, suffering and the absence of suffering, each breath, each thought, each experience and the absence of experience. No "me" and no "you".

If we must speak of an "I" - an "I" that you know very well, an "I" that cannot be denied by any form of spirituality... we find that "I" is Life itself, Existence itself - we realize that "I" is not a new arrival but the very essence of anything that arrives, that "I" is not located BEHIND experience but is both the experiencer and the experienced.

Then those distinctions no longer make any sense.

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