Randall's book is now available from Non-Duality Press, titled "You Are No-Thing", and is an exploration of our Worldly Knowledge and a look into Self-Knowledge.

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"This is pop-vedanta ... could not read it after a while ... if you really want to get a good grip, read and listen to Swami Dayananda Saraswati. I especially recommend his 363-lecture Bhagavad Gita series. Full of wisdom - none of this drivel."

"The book arrived, small, read through it quickly as usual to see if the "magical" answer is within and could be grasped. Finished it and said good, merits another slow read. 2nd read, book even better this time, greater clarity, finished and it will be read again. Superb job of presenting what it is that seekers are seeking. "

"Randall Friend's pointers about the nature of reality/non-duality are clear and succinct . Having read a lot of non-dual/advaita books, Randall Friend is one of my favorite authors. This book is no exception. "

"i found this book during a particularly stressful trip to London at Waterstones bookstore. It was the only advaita book there and the girl at the counter thought advaita was the same as ayurveda. I glanced through it and then sat on the couch to read further. I stayed rooted on the couch for two hours. Over the next few days, i carried it with me everywhere. Its been two weeks since then and I love re-reading passages. No commentary on other gurus or paths, no faffing around - Randall stays on the point in every word, every line.

I love the format of the book - each chapter is two-three pages long which begins with a concept such as time or experiencing, and leads swiftly to a 'checkmate' of the ego. The chapters are also organised in a way to reflect your growing understanding, and the questions that arise as your insight grows.

Strongly recommend this book for anyone looking for a simple, clear 'path' to now-here. A little gem that deserves to become a classic. "

"Randall Friend compassionately and patiently pointed out that there was a simple case of mistaken identity; I am not this limited, separate individual. With unwavering clarity and precision, Randall's vibrant expression naturally and effortlessly dispels erroneous assumptions. Through his prolific output of meetings, writings, conversations, and podcasts, Randall's sincerity has profoundly moved those that have a sincere desire to end psychological suffering.

This book is a work of joy, humor and warmth. In plain, simple language, completely devoid of mystical jargon, this text directly points to our true nature: pure seeing, the activity of knowing; unshakable peace and boundless freedom. You Are No Thing.

Very highly recommended. "

"Simple straight talk, no fluff, to the point, save yourself years of "searching" it is useless :) Read the book, get that you already are what you are searching for... And check the author's blog as well it is precious! "

"Randall's words are very clear and to the point. One of the most direct pointing to the clear and undeniable presences you'll find.

His uncompromising dedication to the Truth shines through clearly. Words have limitations when it comes to expressing non-duality, but Randall's expressions go beyond any limitation of language and speak right to the heart of the reader."

"This book is imbued with the very simplicity of what it points to. The genuineness in itself, which pervades every word, effortlessly contaminates the reader's mind with the ineffable. "Prajna", the encounter of mind and heart, is singularly and skillfully poured over the reader as Divine nectar. Thank you Randall Friend for this beautiful expression! "

"What I like about this book is the clarity of the writing, the division into four parts, and the author never straying far from the buffet table of life. Lifting a spoon to your mouth, you hear the jaw dropping upshot: "...we're left with nothing at all, simply This. We can't say anything about it."

But don't worry, the book is not so stark. You are given a guided tour of the buffet table's four kinds of offerings, starting at the beginning.

The first part of the book is about spiritual seeking. If you are a seeker, you will at once identify with the author and be led on a journey through the rest of the book. Randall speaks to the seeker's feeling of imprisonment:

"We're looking to get out of this trap which we've created, this entanglement of uncertainty which we wade through, this murky idea about what-we-are."

Part two is about finding your way out of this trap, this suffering, through self-knowledge based upon Advaita Vedanta and nonduality in general:

"Advaita Vedanta says that the world is an illusion. ... That to which we look for knowledge ... is an illusion. The very place we seek within, looking to find reality and truth, is an illusion."

Part three points to true nature: "We see that the dream character which was clinging to the edge has no separate existence, has no reality and never, ever, for one moment, existed. We fall back into our true Self, That which we never left, That which we truly are. We fall but there is nowhere to land, nowhere to go. There is nowhere outside of our Self to end up."

The fourth part consists of dialogues which further clarify the book's teachings.

No matter how spiritually disheveled you feel yourself to be, Randall Friend, in his simplicity and clarity, will take you through immaculate corridors to truth.

I recommend this book to readers who want direct pointers to truth as given from someone who will talk to them about their spiritual past and about the teachings of nonduality."

"This is not the first Advaita book I have read but it is one of my favorites. It is clear, concise, simple, easy to understand and very profound. A great read. I sunk deeper into the infinite pool of awareness as I read this book. I remembered, I remembered to experience life with my whole self without getting caught up in identifying with the experience. Wonderful! "

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