Randall was seeking from the age of twelve, disillusioned with traditional Christianity, discovering a world of differing Religions and taking a natural inclination towards Buddhism.  Though years of study and practice went by, no contentment was to come.  It was through the writings of Alan Watts that Vedanta was discovered and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj book "I AM THAT" was read.  After reading this book, the flame was lit and Randall was determined to meet someone who was in the "lineage" of Nisargadatta.

Randall read about Sailor Bob Adamson and his book "What's Wrong With Right Now - If You Don't Think About It."  Gilbert Schultz edited this book and Randall began a conversation with Gilbert.  Over a few months the so-called "prerequisites" were there but still no contentment.  There was sleeplessness - a constant mental flood of questions.

Randall called on Sailor Bob a few times - Bob pointed in the most simple way - the mental flood was replaced with a clarity of inquiry.  What was considered beyond question was put under critical scrutiny.  The house of cards called separate reality crumbled - the bottom fell out of the paradigm of individuality - the message hit home and it was clear that reality is whole - it is glaringly obvious.  Gilbert and Bob were the signposts - pointing away from ignorance and toward Self-Knowledge.  Nothing changed - it was realized that reality is already whole and what-I-am is that wholeness.

Randall has a book with Non-Duality Press, offers Skype conversations, and can be contacted via email - see the Profile page for email address.

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