Monday, February 11, 2013

Every Second is a Miracle

Whether this experiencing goes on or not, whether sleep transitions to waking or not - what-you-are remains untouched, existent, inseparable.  

Nothing can affect what-you-are.  No experience has ability to change anything.  Each experience is a passing pattern.  It only has relevance within the realm of the experiential - which is merely patterns of patterns of patterns.  What exists remains untouched by it.  Actually what appears, what is experienced, is nothing BUT that which-IS.

There is no need to fret over what appears, what seems to happen, the outcomes of our efforts or from spirituality.  Each moment is merely what that whole existence is doing, how it is expressing, in a million-billion ways.  No matter the sort of chain comes about, gold remains the same.

That which-IS - right now is here - it is aware.  It is intelligent.  It takes itself as separate due to the overlaid mental activity - it may discover the inherent falseness of this separation because the falseness cannot stand up to the truth.  You are that wholeness, right now.  It is all there is.  

So as we take a sip of our wine, as the distant violin or piano plays, as that overlooked cool breeze blows on our face - each moment is nothing more and nothing less than the whole itself, expressing, at play, forming and dissolving.  Life is present, right now, aware of itself due to the capacity we call Consciousness, aware of itself due to the play of patterns, the dance of expressions.  

Each second is a miracle of that play, a beautiful concert of the visual, mental, sensory patterning - any judgment of it is only mental yet that mental judgment is also part of the concerto - a parallel solo demanding attention - a voice limited only by the intellect.  Once we discover that it isn't the enemy, it isn't the problem, then it takes it's place as part of the symphony, as part of the transient opera we call "my life" - once it ends the curtain falls and nothing remains but a dark stage.  A memory of highs and lows - beauty and tragedy which only has significance within the play itself.

As Life you remain existent - the means to know that you ARE fade away yet existence itself cannot come and go.  When we realize this, each second is both meaningless and ultimately the only meaning there is.  Each moment is cherished, not held onto but accepted unconditionally, loved without bounds - because it is the present manifestation of all there is.



billtys said...

Hello Randall,

Thank you for the latest post.

It's clear and obvious that this appearance of Bill is simply an expression of Life or Intelligence.

In other words, when was the wave ever not the ocean...and when was Bill ever not Life or Intelligence.

Even though this is understood...after investigation, how or why is the statement made that Bill is Intelligence or Life?

I like the idea of an open fire in a field where someone throws a log onto it...and thousands of sparks fly into the night sky...jumping around and shining brightly.

I can easily attribute the appearance or manifestation of the sparks to the fire (same as water and wave)...but why it is said that spark is fire.

Is it possible that spark is just simply spark and not fire at all...although it's life or appearance is totally attributable to the fire from whence it came...

But does that make spark fire? Bill has no independent existence...that's clear and obvious. But why or how am I Intelligence.

Could it be that spark has a degree of aliveness...awakefulness...just for that moment? Because there is no sense of fire before or after spark disappears.

In what sense is it said that Bill is Intelligence...even though Bill appears to be aware.

Is that awareness the only non conceptual aspect about Bill thereby making it universal?

Love Bill
Melbourne Australia

Randall Friend said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the comment.

Tonight the lightning is putting on quite a show. It's quite beautiful and striking. I can give those flashes of light independent existence, but I have to really be honest. IS that true?

Through inquiry, I've found that it isn't true. Those flashes of light are molecules, atoms, electrons, energy, quarks, strings... ultimately I can find infinite appearances, things, experiences, but I have never been able to find more than one existence.

The thunder follows close behind. The rain patterns softly on the roof. There are locusts singing and distant sounds of traffic and the occasional wind chime. There is thought going on, a feeling of hunger, an increasing feeling that it's time for bed. But these are all patterns of something. They exist, but do they exist OF themselves, or are they something that IS? IS that thought something independent? Is that faint urge an existence of it's own?

This is the direct, pointed path. Much of spirituality gives us feel-good bullshit which doesn't mean a whole lot. Ultimately it's about what IS. Is that thought something different, independent and new? Or is it just WHAT-IS, expressing?

This is something we must arrive at - I can tell you but until you arrive at that on your own it's always just conceptual.


billtys said...

Hello Randall,

You have a way of expressing that makes me feel excellent. Thank you.

I too have only ever found one existence. This would seem therefore to point clearly to nonduality.

Would you mind writng something on this ONE EXISTENCE you talk about...and how does it fit in with awareness and the fact that I can only ever be the perceiving energy...pure unlocatable and undefineable subjectivity.

Love Bill

tomale said...

Randall: The photo of the wave is terrific. Looks like a lion's head.

Dougrek said...

This is beautifully expressed.