Sunday, January 27, 2013

You are Existence

There is the pressure of butt in chair, the slight sensation of chest going up and down, the pang of hunger, the familiar feeling of hands on keyboard.

There appears to be what we call a world - a world of things - each thing is like a wave of the ocean - having no existence of it's own - no independent existence but only an expression OF ocean, a play OF ocean, something ocean is doing.

Once that wave ceases, once it crashes on the shore and disappears, nothing has happened to wave. Wave didn't die. Wave was never born. Wave was merely a pattern of ocean - an expression of that which actually IS, that which exists. That which appeared OF it is transient - however we apply reality to the transient appearance or pattern then grieve their passing.

Self-knowledge is knowing or realizing that you are ocean and not wave - wave is the way we know of ocean - however wave has no independent existence. Only when ocean expresses can we speak of it in terms of it's expressions - yet we come to rely on those expressions as our reality - we learn to take those as reality, hence reality becomes a collection of temporary existences.

What exists is one essence - how can you be anything but THAT which IS? Notice how your entire concept of reality, your entire concept of what-you-are, is built around the idea that existence can come and go. Then see if that is even possible.

It isn't.

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Bruce Norman said...

Thank you so much Randall...resonates...speechless...