Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wholeness is Now

Instead of trying to get somewhere, realize where you already are. We have gone around and around in circles trying to get somewhere that we already ARE, trying to get something we already have - no wonder spirituality is full of frustration. 

If we look at the world - not hoping it will change in realization - not trying to make a divided world whole but seeking to realize that reality is alre
ady whole - then we are on the right track. 

Then each experience, each taste of Life is inquiry - each thought is inquiry - then in each second we are not applying a condition, trying to correct the world but seeking to eliminate our ignorance of the world - that ignorance is the filter through which we see Life, through which we consider Life to be divided.

Through proper inquiry and intelligence we eliminate the ignorance of our buried and unexamined assumptions and beliefs - we dig up these things which have been beyond question and simply question them, doubt them - allow the sun to shine upon them for the first time. In this illumination we have the opportunity to see for ourselves that reality isn't to be made whole - it already IS whole.

Then we find ourselves - not waiting for some experience but already beyond separation - already whole and perfect. 

Tat Tvam Asi - it doesn't mean if I count my prayer beads properly, if I align all the pointers properly and achieve some illuminating experience then I will someday BE THAT. It means You Are THAT - right now you are that - that wholeness, that perfection. Don't wait for the proper experience - don't compare experiences and judge your own - you ARE THAT now - find you are that now instead of how you can become that later.

It seems like an insignificance but it's night and day.

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