Sunday, September 2, 2012

Infinite Appearance - One Essence

The availability of internet wisdom is a two-sided sword. On one hand we can entertain many different viewpoints and ways of talking about spirituality. Yet on the other hand we are inundated with so many different ways sometimes we get lost in it. We sort of try to put them all together, and somehow attain a realization which encompasses all these pointers - if one should be missing then our enlightenment is incomplete. 

This is all hogwash. Our state is due to ignorance - ignorance of what we are, ignorance of our true nature. You take yourself to be an entity, a person, someone who was born. Therefore you take existence to be arriving anew, independently, only lasting a while and then dying - dissolving - existence which comes into existence then ceases to exist. 

You take existence to be something standing on it's own, something which arrives with the formation of some pattern. But where exactly does existence begin? With the body? The body is just a mass of cells - molecules - atoms - electrons - quarks... exactly which one is it that is necessary for existence to begin? Which particle is the absolute particle? 

Can a particle ever be absolute? That is - can it ever be the source? What made up that particle, be it a molecule, an atom, an electron, a quark, and so on. If we find smaller and smaller particles, shouldn't those have even smaller building blocks, although we haven't yet discovered them? 

Therefore we always find deeper and deeper building blocks of what we can see or know - yet because the proper chemical reactions haven't taken place yet there is no form yet appearing. The so-called "existence" of that new pattern yet to come isn't really a new existence as much as a new pattern of something that is already in existence. 

And if we extrapolate that out - we find that everything we can know is like this. Everything has something indefinable as it's source, it's essence. Only we just can't know it - to know it we only know it's expression, the subsequent patterns OF IT, yes? 

Think about the nature of any pattern that you have given an independent existence to. Think about the fact that it's not really a new and independent existence but only a new and independent formation or pattern of something which DOES exist already. And when that pattern ceases to be, when it ceases to pattern in that way - THAT FROM WHICH it came doesn't cease to exist - any more than the gold ceases to exist when the ring is melted down or the clay ceases to exist when the pot is dropped and broken. 

What-you-are isn't any particular pattern but THE SOURCE itself - the identity, the true identity is with the whole or the source, not with the shapes and subsequent patterns. Being fooled by appearance, believing in existence which comes and goes, is called Maya. The entire world is nothing but this. So we don't need to change the world but realize what it truly is. That realization is that there is nothing to be done - there is nothing that needs changed. 

Then you cease taking yourself to be something which was born and will later die but that wholeness itself.

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