Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Not Magic

Are we talking about what is true, or what appears?  What appears to be? 

Should we talk about why the sky is blue, or ask - is it actually blue at all?

Should we ask why the ocean is blue, or go pull a bucket of seawater and find that it's not blue at all?

Should we continue to refer the sun as moving across the sky, or realize, remember that it's actually the earth which is moving and the sun is stationary.

Should we continue to look up on the world of things and only stay with the appearance of it?  If there is a rock or a tree, we are taking that form or appearance as the absolute existence, the independent thing, instead of realizing - REMEMBERING - that a tree or rock or cloud or anything we see is a pattern, a formation, an expression of something else.

So as we break this habit of taking appearance as absolute, we begin to trace back what that "thing" is after all - from what has it appeared, from what has it patterned?  We trace it through the molecule, the element, the atom, the quark, energy - at some point we lose the ability to trace any farther.

All we can say about it - in fact we find that no matter what "thing" it is that we're trying to trace back - we always come to that same ineffable source, that same "no-thing-ness" or emptiness or Intelligence - sometimes we call it Life.

All we can really say is - whatever it IS - it is THAT which exists - the eventual pattern, the tree, the rock, the cloud, the thought - whatever it is that eventually appears or forms - is never something new, never something newly created that is apart FROM that source, apart FROM that essence, whatever it IS.

So the "existence" of the tree or rock or thought is not really an existence but a coming and going, an appearing and dissolving, a patterning OF that ESSENCE, THAT which IS - that which is the reality, that which exists alone - the tree or rock or cloud or thought is just an expression of THAT - is it not?

Therefore we come to the conclusion, really the conviction that anything we might call the "world", anything we might call "experience" is THAT essence forming or patterning or expressing - we ultimately cannot find anything which stands outside of this reality - including this body, this mind, this idea of what I Am.

Maybe unexpectedly, being dumbstruck on some quiet evening - it dawns that this essence, this LIFE or Intelligence, THAT which IS - I MUST BE THAT!  What else could I be?  What is it that is presently aware of this world, this appearance, this "patterning" which includes the body and mind?

THAT which is presently the knower of this IS THAT essence, that Life.  Therefore it isn't ME who knows the world as a separate entity but Life which knows itself through this patterning.  Life has, through this mechanism we call "Consciousness", the capability of knowing itself, yes? 

Vedanta says - Aham Brahmasmi - I am Brahman.  I am that which IS, that existence which is the source of all that appears and the knower of that appearance.  Shankara said - ultimately the Self and Brahman are identical.  THAT which you call ME, "I" - that Self you know so well, that Self which is Self-Evident - that Self is not the small self of ME, the small self of the independent existence but THAT Brahman itself, Life itself, Intelligence.

We didn't need to get anything, go anywhere - it was just realized to already be SO.  You are that whole reality, that essence, that source.  The idea of being something separate, independent, finite - falls away as false naturally - what remains is the certainty that you are the whole itself.

It's not magic.  It's not spiritual.  It's just a mistaken identity with a false idea.  The falling away of that idea is called "Self-Realization".


billtys said...

What a mighty post!

Thank you... and love to you Randall.


Consius said...

Hi Randall,

Been seeking for 6 years. I spoke to you on second life a couple of years ago.

The result of all the years? Concepts and more concepts and even more than that. The head can't even think straight and when I come back again to the internet to see what the truth is, I can't find it.

This is as far as it goes. There is a sound there. THere is a inhalation there. There...another thing happening. Blinking. etc. etc.

IN this, what is the awareness that you guys are pointing to?

Isn't the happening itself (blinking, inhalation, hearing) sufficient on itself. Why need an awareness? I don't understand.

And still something draws me back to seeking, non seeking and now non-doing. This is crazy. Allready going from one thought to another thought.

Have a great day.


Randall Friend said...


Hello again my friend. Good to hear from you.

Instead of trying to unravel the puzzle of doing and not-doing, simply ask WHO is the one who is doing anything? WHO is it that you take yourself to be? Were you born? Did you begin?

We must at some point give up trying to solve all the spiritual puzzles and rest in the basic inquiry into the idea you have about what-you-are. What is that idea you have? Come to see this very clearly - if you don't know what you're idea of yourself is, then how can you really get to the answer?

Don't you take yourself to be that which began on such and such day and time? You believe that you did not exist prior to this time - then at that moment - you popped into existence - you did not exist then you did. You are a new existence. You exist for a while then at some point cease to exist again. You stop. You end.

Isn't this what you take yourself to be? If that is so, then how can you reasonably search for wholeness or oneness? Your existence as a new or independent or separate and finite existence proves oneness to be impossible, yes?

So we must come to this realization that the most basic idea is that you are a new, independent and finite thing, entity.

Then we must begin to question this idea and see if it makes any sense. We can deconstruct the idea - we can trace back the body and see how it begins. We can ask if the appearance of this body is the same thing as the presence of your Self.

We might find that the two don't necessarily correspond. That Self is Intelligence - it is Existence. So if we get to the bottom of it, we might find that Existence isn't coming and going, just like when we create a gold chain then melt it down, nothing happens to Gold. The appearance of chain is exactly Gold. Chain does not come in new - chain does not begin to exist. Chain is a concept for Gold, an appearance of Gold. Chain isn't something new, something independent of Gold, something finite.

What is finite? The form that Gold has taken. That is what is finite -that is what is given false independent reality. If we can see this, then we can see that any form, any pattern, any "thing" is nothing but that underlying Intelligence - that essence - forming or expressing or appearing AS this "thing". Then we are no longer wondering how things are done - we can then ask - are things really done at all? If so WHO is doing it? Because there is no one there doing it. There is only Intelligence, Life, Reality - whatever you want to call it.

You are that. This is the lesson of Vedanta.

love to you

Consius said...


There is a pivoting happening now (pivoting from the sense of being the doer to everything is happening). There is doubt arising. The I-thought, think myself to be is the doer, but I am not sure of it after these pivoting moments. One even lasted 4days. Even when I write these words I wonder who it is that writes and wonders. It has to do with the doer. It is only thought saying it is I. What a strong pull this has.

Thanks for the comment. Enjoying your website as always.


Randall Friend said...


The proper inquiry, with sufficient doubt, carries on by itself. As you said, we begin to even ask - who is it that inquires?

"I" is an idea at first, then "I" cannot be found. Ultimately "I" and Brahman are found to be identical.