Sunday, January 29, 2012

Like A Dream

In a dream, you are moving about, working towards some goal. 

If that goal is reached, if that goal is attained, what is truly attained? 

When that dream ends, the goal, the attainment and the path are wiped out - we realize they never really existed - it was a play of consciousness. 

Nothing was gained by this realization.

Nothing was lost in this realization.

For a while it was believed to be so, now it's not.

No matter how the dream appeared, it was unreal of itself.

No matter who appeared in the dream, nothing really happened.

No one was there, no one did anything.

It was simply a play of consciousness - your head never moved from the pillow.

In the same way, we might say the Absolute is dreaming, dreaming of beingness, dreaming "I AM".

Because of that capacity the idea "I AM" is there.

When this capacity goes so does the idea.

When the dream ends so does the play.

You remain untouched - you were only aware of the dream, you did not participate in the dream.

When the dream ends you remain as you are.  The Absolute.

Then the play can go on without binding, even though the binding is also only in the play.


Roeland said...

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing happens, although it seems in the dream that a lot happens.
What is real is always in rest.
Like Einstein said: energy can change form, but nothing can be lost.
Only silence is real, even when in the dream it seems there is much noise.

prem said...

Ciao Randall

when you say "You remain untouched" to what of what I perceive of myself (body, feelings, thoughts, someting else?) you referr to?

Randall Friend said...

Ciao Prem,

Anything you perceive cannot be what you are - if you are perceiving, as a matter of speaking, then you have already split reality down the middle into an experience and an experiencer. It is this experiencer which you take yourself to be.

The answer is not to stop perceiving but to realize that perception is due to some capacity which comes and goes - what perceives is changeless. Remain in that by which you know that you exist - discard the evidence of existence as this is always a temporary state.


Satprem33 said...

Good Moment to you Randall~
In the "dream", with head on pillow, sometimes the images seen (in mind) are familiar faces and places and are recognized as such, (usually after the body awakens from the dream). Yet sometimes the "dream state" is filled with images which would never be seen in the waking state, such as three headed dogs and flying cars. It seems much easier to see the "dream state" as unreal, than it is to *see* the "waking state" as such. It seems that the so called "waking state" has a more solid, consistent and familiar patterning and as such is easier to perceive as being Real. If one awakened (in the dream state) on the same pillow, in the same place and with the same name it would be much more difficult to discern whether one was "awake" or "asleep". Is the same "perceiver" or "experiencer"operating in both states and are you saying that the simple *Awareness* of All states is who I Am? ThanQ~

Randall Friend said...

Hi Satprem,

Don't get stuck too much on these sort of pointers - come back to the main inquiry - what do you take yourself to be? Get very clear on that so that you may begin to question that idea - see if it's true, if it makes sense.

Ultimately you are the one who is aware of all passing states - that one is not anyone in particular but THE one itself, Life itself, aware of itself however the particular nature of Consciousness leads to identification - don't focus on the passing appearances because anything that comes and goes cannot be the ultimate reality.

If we can be honest and clear in our search, it becomes very simple. You ARE that Life, that One - you are that Intelligence or Source or Ultimate Reality. It is YOU - this dissolves any idea of the particular, of the individual and is a realization of the immediacy and fullness of reality.