Thursday, September 8, 2011

There are not two things

There are not two things - you and that which you experience.

There is no you there apart from the experience.  There is no experience there apart from you.

Isn't it always one whole reality?  

Are you ever anything other than this present moment?  Is there a substance or entity experiencing or having a moment, or is your true essence the moment itself and every "thing" going on in it?

Can you actually find something you can call "ME"?  Doesn't that idea automatically create this division, this "two-ness"?  This assertion "I AM" asserts a world that you are not.

Is there a future moment yet to come where you become free, or is this very instant that freedom?

What if the answer you've been seeking has always been in full view, unobstructed, clear as day?  What if this very moment has always been it?  

No matter what the "experience" is - good or bad - it's not about the quality of experience but the fact that there is not actually a division between knower and known.  


Désirée Ickerodt said...

So true! It is good to be reminded of it. It is so easy to be sucked back into illusion.

su said...

an hour i was watering the newly planted seedlings.
the thought arose you are the experience, the experiencing, the experiencer. nothing outside of this.

a butterfly came to play under the spray, the spring sun shining softly yet warmingly.

with such love

Paddy B said...

Hi Randall I sometimes feel very relaxed and at peace and unconditionally aware of my thoughts and feelings. Then it often feels my mind uncontrollably takes over and I'm left feeling all I've really experienced is my mind has some how only been aware of itself.
Kindest Regards
Paddy B

Randall Friend said...


Yes, I feel at peace then I feel anxious. I want to feel peace to the exclusion of anxiety therefore I seek enlightenment.

This is always going to be missing the point.

Who feels? Who is that entity? Is that entity real or not? This is all that matters. Enlightenment is not a good feeling yet to be had.