Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blue is not in the sky

It seems we want to make the world different, we want the experience we call "world" to change.  We seek for a while and then wonder why there is still no peace in dealing with the world.

What you call the world is not what it seems.  You have taken what you've learned and that's become your reality.  In other words, you believe there is a world out there, a world you were born into and will die from.  You believe there is a world that you are seeing, a world that is apart from you.  

Some say the world is an illusion but that doesn't mean the world doesn't exist.  Illusion just means it's not as it seems to be.  So what is appearing is not the absolute reality.  That's the real bottom line - it's not that it doesn't exist - it's that it's not as it appears to be.

Appearance is dependent on the mechanism by which we see, hear, taste, touch, smell....  so if one of those senses is defective we won't see the actual correct thing, yes?  So if we can understand that, then we must be able to see that the fact of senses, the fact that we are "knowing the world" through this mechanism called "senses" is already just a relative way of knowing.  A bird sees the sky differently than a human.  An ant sees a rock differently than a frog.  In other words, to the bird the sky might be red.  To the human it's blue.  Is one more right than the other?  No.  Both are relative.  Neither can say it's an absolute seeing.  

In fact the color of the sky is dependent on the eye, not the sky.  The color blue doesn't exist in "sky" but in "mind".  Yes?  It is the reception of the picture of "sky", the translation to raw data by the eye cells then the translation of the brain of that picture which produces "blue".  

In fact the sky isn't even blue - we are seeing blue because of refraction in the atmosphere.  Blue is not in the sky.

So we see blue, however that comes to be, and we say the sky is absolutely blue.  But if we poke around that "truth" we find it's false.  

In the same way, we must look at the world itself and discover that our absolute truths are always just relative.  The world is not as it appears.  Actually, it's more clear to say - reality is NOT WHAT APPEARS, yet it IS what appears also.

So you are seeing the world but what you're seeing isn't the actuality - the appearance of it isn't the actuality - in other words there is no such thing as a rock, a tree, a bird - these are mental concepts - boxes - ideas.  Yet what you're seeing IS the reality itself, what else would it be?

Therefore we must overlook or discard what we take the world as and realize what the world really is, realize what reality really is.  We must realize the relativity of appearance and only settle for absolute reality.

Ironically, you cannot really FIND absolute reality because you ARE that absolute reality.  

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No One In Particular said...

That endless commentary of the mind...the boxing, the labeling...that doesn't need to change, either. Wait around long enough and it'll change anyway.