Sunday, March 6, 2011

Know Yourself

This, right here and now, before anything else happens, before any new insights, is IT. THIS is IT. Right now. This. Sitting at the computer, the feeling of hunger, the subtle desire to "get it", the intellectual acrobatics - whatever is appearing, whatever is felt, whatever THIS IS at this moment, is IT.

You are not an individual person who will someday get something. You are the whole itself, the totality, the Absolute, Brahman, fullness, limitless, Oneness - whatever word is used - you are THAT now, already.

As it seems you are sitting here, inside the head, looking out at an outside world, a world which is separate of you, THIS is IT. That arrangement doesn't need to change. That appearance doesn't need to change. That feeling doesn't need to change.

There is no good feeling waiting to be achieved. All feelings are IT, good or bad. There is no better situation waiting to be achieved. All situations, good or bad, are IT.

This is only about the truth of what you are, about what you actually are and not what you take yourself to be. This has nothing to do with getting some new feelings or states.

You presently take yourself to be an individual, born into a world, a finite existence which will end. This is already false. This was never true. Taking it to be true, you feel you must seek some fantasy of spirituality, trying to BECOME whole. This is an impossibility. If you are this limited individual, no effort or spiritual method can MAKE you whole.

You are ALREADY whole. It is only the idea you have about yourself which is called bondage. You miss that you are the whole then assert yourself as a limited individual, then try to get out of that limitation. It is an impossibility.

Your true nature is the whole itself, the one essence, the Absolute nothingness which appears as the universe, the reality which is simultaneously emptiness and form. You were never born, only a form appeared. It is in identification with this form that you assert yourself as limited.

The only solution is to find out why you falsely assume you are limited. Watch the mind, watch the stories play out, watch how the whole thing is woven. Watch the individual as it's constructed. Notice that it always arises in a thought-story. Notice that this individual you take yourself to be is always objective, it is always an appearance in the form of thought or feeling.

There is one intelligence, one essence appearing as everything. No "thing" has any independent existence. No "thing" stands on it's own. Everything IS that essence, that intelligence.

When that capacity we call "Consciousness" comes, this essence "appears" - it appears as the computer, the hunger, the desire, the body, thoughts, stories. When Consciousness is not there, this essence does not "appear".

You are that essence, that intelligence. The wholeness itself. No special state is going to come to an individual due to "proper seeking". The only resolution is to come to know yourself as you truly are, and stop taking yourself falsely.

Ask - how am I, that intelligent essence, wholeness itself, taking myself as limited? How am I, Oneness itself, identifying with a particular form? How am I, Brahman itself, mistaking myself for an individual separate from a world? How does this happen? Where does it happen? By what mechanism do I mistake myself as this body-mind? What is the world? What is it "made of"? What is the essence of existence? Does existence arrive with the form? Is it existence which is limited or only forms or manifestations?

There are two ways to go about it - either detach yourself completely from the world or dive headfirst into it - take no prisoners - accept no belief at face value - find out what this world truly is and you will surely find yourself.


Krisztian said...

I can see that this form that I am, or mistakenly believe that I am, is a mere mechanism through which I experience manifestation. And part of that same mechanism are also "my" thoughts which just spontaneously appear and subside. All this I can "feel", so to speak. But this doesn't shake away the feeling of individuality. If "I" am the whole, why do I experience everything from this limited point of view? (namely this body-mind)

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend. Good to hear from you.

What exactly is the feeling of individuality? If you wish to shake it, you must define it first. You must know what it is. Isn't it just a vague collection of thoughts? Isn't it a subtle and long-held story?

So that individuality is nothing more than a bundle of thoughts which have been added to the foundation of your reality. When that is looked into, it comes into the open, it is open for doubt, for investigation. IS there truly a "feeling" of individuality? In other words, is there a feeling that needs to go away? Is there a change of experience that is necessary? No.

When you discover what you are, individuality is then obviously false. That story is then obviously false. It likely ceases to arise again, just like we don't continue to approach a mirage with a bucket once we've seen it to only be a mirage.

Investigate the nature of forms and existence. See what the world truly is and you will find yourself. This is one way.

The question "why do I experience everything from this limited point of view" means - you assume you are limited. You have identified with a particular form or expression or pattern. You have taken that to be true, hence the question.

See if you actually do experience anything from a limited point of view. See if there is anything outside of Consciousness. Is there a Consciousness here and a world out there? Or are the world and Consciousness actually the same thing, the same reality, the same IS-ness?

Can you point out Consciousness? To do so you must point to the world, yes? There is no "thing" called Consciousness and no "thing" called World. This is only imagination.


Krisztian said...

Thank you for your reply. I will ponder over your words