Saturday, April 10, 2010

From where are you looking?

Q:   How do I find my true Self?

A:   Find the emptiness of this moment

Q:   Where is that?

A:   From where are you looking?

Q:   From the eyes, from the body

A:   Do you know the eyes and the body?

Q:   Yes, of course

A:   Then can that be from where you are looking?


Perfect Awareness said...


Matty Boy said...

Hi Randall, if seeing is not happening through eyes, how is seeing stopped when the eyes are closed ?

Randall Friend said...


You are talking about vision - perception. If all senses were blocked, would knowing cease?


Imola said...

Sight is probably the most cherished sense of all; and language is one great proof of that: it is said 'do you see what I am saying?', to refer to understanding, never 'do you hear', which refers only to perception.

I have enjoyed this visit.


Julian said...

Its all in the space. When I see a snake my space seems to contract down to nothing. So i just keep having to ask my self, where is the snake?