Sunday, March 28, 2010

This "thing" called "ME"

Holding on to some future attainment is not only futile, it is an obstacle. It assumes there is someone to receive some special state and that this present moment is not good enough.

Life is not bound by it's manifestations. A tree, a rock, a body-mind - these various manifestations of Life hold no individual existence. Existence is not divided by it's expressions.

You are that one Life, that undivided whole or totality. You are presently caught by appearance, spellbound by sensations, captured by the concepts about reality or existence, which say each "thing" exists alone, on it's own, as it's own totality.

That which is presently looking through the eyes is Life itself, that intelligence which cannot be described by any attribute or form, that which is the source of everything.

No word, no form, no idea can bind that Life, yet that Life expresses as the word, the form and the idea. The body-mind which is seeking that wholeness is in fact that Life itself, simply exploring the nature of itself, coming to find it was never bound by any limited appearance.

Notice the transience of all forms, notice that any truth can only be from a perspective and as such is by definition limited. You are not limited in any way.

That Life doesn't need to be unbound, freed or liberated. Anywhere you look, there you are - Life itself, expressing in infinite ways, only taking itself as a small "thing" called "ME".


Perfect Awareness said...

Hi Randall,
This is a very clear and thorough expression of truth. Anyone who recognizes even one of these sentences will know for them self. You touched on many insights here.

We are not in anyway separate from the appearances of life, therefore there is nothing to transcend, purify, see through, kill or otherwise get rid of. Non-duality means what it implies, there is no greater "self" that is above or apart from the absolutely mundane. Appearances are the expression of the absolute, the flavor or scent.

In our culturally trained belief that we need to seek and find an incredibly heightened experience to indicate that we have arrived at a state called enlightenment we have completely overlooked the fact that the ultra-simple truth of our aware nature is blazingly obvious, perfectly free and eternal, and is already and always so. If what we want is freedom, it is here now and always available.

Thanks for continuing to share these insights so that other beings may benefit.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, Sweet~
You are No Thing and Seeing is Happening, from B and G to you, have been, how do you say... invaluable in the destruction or deconstruction of the self that never Ever was~

Jenya said...

Thank you Randall! :)

Julian said...

Thanks for keeping this so simple.