Sunday, March 21, 2010

ME is Imagination

In the so-called equation of subject and object, you are definitely the subject. Yet upon investigation, the subject is not a thing at all. Any "thing" is objective - therefore that subject is actually pure and formless, without attributes, without dimension in space or time.

That subject which you ARE has no individuality - the individuality comes as a feeling or sense, an accumulation of thoughts, memories, images and ideas. These are all objective content - that subject-ivity or "I"-ness isn't any of those things at all. This can be verified very easily in direct experience.

That "subject" is actually empty of any content - it is like a void or space - it cannot be seen or located - yet it is undeniably there.

Therefore the idea "ME" is a mixing of that pure subjectivity with objective content. It is not the "ME" or individual which is SEEING. That "ME" is objective content IN the seeing.

The only qualities of that subject or "I"-ness is that it is present - it is HERE - undeniably - and it is knowing or noticing or AWARE. Another word for the "subject" is KNOWING.

Filter out the objective content which is being mixed up with the pure subject-"I". Notice that the thought-"I" is a story of individuality - what that simple word "I" actually references is something which is not at all difficult to realize. In fact it is so intimately known it is overlooked.

The subject-"I" and the totality are in fact not two separate things. It is only when that "I"-ness is taken to be limited that the Universe of separate things is imagined.

Nothing is required to be what you are. Only notice what you are, and what is imagined that you are. The only bondage is this imagined idea that you are limited. That idea is called "ME".

You are the one essence, taking itself to be bound due to misidentification with appearance. Recognize the primacy of this "subjective" presence - there is nothing outside of it. It IS all there is.


mellowg said...

If the subject is pure and formless without dimension in space or time, then it is a real mystery! ....because first of all, there seems to be many focal points of this awareness in each living being.

Secondly, what happens upon death of the body? This subject or KNOWING seems to disappear. Is this a mystery which cannot be explained? Apparently the subject disappears. What is going on here?

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend.

First consider if there is such a thing as a "living being". It is this assumption itself which is the only bondage. Once this false belief is concrete, then many questions come about how awareness is confined, what happens upon the death of the body, etc.

Come back to this simple discovery - you are the subject - but investigate the nature of the subject in your own direct experience.

See if you can find any content to the subject. If any content is found - sensations, thoughts, feelings, images, etc. - can that objective content be the subject itself?

The subject doesn't appear or disappear - it just IS. Is this not true in your actual experience? If you say it does, you are taking the subject as objective - which is what identification is, after all.

If investigated, you will find that you cannot find the subject at all. yet you cannot deny it or negate it. It is always there - YOU are always there, unbound, limitless.

That formless pure presence of knowing IS the subject in any experience. Is it not true?


No One In Particular said...

Beautiful. Whatever the message, you write well.

Consius said...

So yes, there is noticing of whatever happens. BUt how can it be that this noticing/awareness created the universe?

There is still something that notices the universe which that same noticing has not created, cause it only notices.

Randall Friend said...


Who said awareness created the universe?

Is there a locatable universe there and a locatable awareness here? Is there a dividing line between awareness and the world?

It is imagination which creates the universe of "things" - with you as only one small and temporary part. You have only imagined yourself as limited.

That pure and empty essence or presence which we call "subject" and the pure and empty essence of the universe itself - are not two separate things.

Investigate both the reality of any appearance, along with the reality of yourself AS an appearance. You will find neither has any substantial reality except what you give them in concept.

That pure subjective presence which we have called awareness is all there is. There is no universe outside it.

By taking yourself as limited, you overlooked your perfection. And even the overlooking is perfection.


Anonymous said...

Relentless~ ;)