Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unwind the "I"

All that is required to end the spiritual search is to know what you are.

This doesn't mean to find something new, to gain a new experience, to arrive at a special state.

It simply means to discover what it is about right now that is changeless and real.

The thoughts, sensations, feelings, emotions, memories, desires, fears - the image of self which is the identified "I" - that is not what you are. It is a fleeting experience, objective appearance. Your true Self cannot be that.

Firmly grasp that "I"-image - watch as it floats about. Watch the thought "I" as it rises to greet the sensations, the activities. It is evident in the thought "I am thinking", "I am seeking", "I am suffering."

While that objective "I"-image is in view, consider what is it that knows this image. What is it that can know the rising "I"-thought? What is it that remains changeless as this "I" dances across the stage of awareness?

There is nothing new to gain in the spiritual search. Anything gained cannot be your Self. That Self must be here, now. Simply unwind the identification and confusion with this "I"-image and that which remains as the image comes and goes.

You will find that this true "I" or Self is not bound, not limited, except in concepts and beliefs. You will find that this Self is already here - already obvious - only overlooked because there is a search for it.

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