Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am that I AM

Do you know "I"? Yes. Everyone knows "I". But what that word points to is the entirety of confusion.

Presently that word "I" refers the body and thoughts. That body-mind is an idea which, by definition, limits or excludes you from all that is not the body-mind. It is unresolvable, because if you take yourself to be the body-mind, no "spiritual experience" can bind the two in some concept of Oneness. Therefore taking "I" to be the body-mind IS the bondage itself.

So the inquiry is to determine what really IS that "I"?

You know you are here. You know you are present. So what is it about NOW that makes you so certain that you are here? It isn't the body-mind. It is the KNOWING of the body-mind. THAT is how you know you're here.

That KNOWING is the true "I".

So don't try to make the "I" disappear through some conceptual spiritual bullshit. It's impossible - that "I" is intimately known. Only recognize that the reference of "I" is to the body-mind, and that reference is false. Therefore that limitation is false.

Then notice that there is no content to the KNOWING. There is no "person" attached to the KNOWING. The so-called "person" is the name or concept given that false "I"-reference, that body-mind. It's just an assumption. There is no one behind the wheel. That KNOWING isn't being DONE. It just IS. It's the background present for ANY experience.

Therefore you cannot say "I am thinking" or "I am seeking" or "I am this or that". You can only say "I AM".

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Roeland said...

Dear Randall,

Your writing is so clear that it is almost impossible not to see what you are writing about.
Thank you.