Sunday, November 1, 2009

You are the Absolute

You are not limited in any way.  It is the idea that you are limited which brings fear, desire and suffering.

You are the limitless - pristine and full, always shining, always present, always aware. 

You are like the sky - vast beyond measure, beyond qualification.  Your presence is the openness or capacity for the world to appear, for the world to play it's game of duality, for Life to dance, always a wave cresting with no beginning or end.

You are not graspable with mind, yet there is always an intuitive yet intimate knowledge of your Self.  You are not in need of finding - it is only the mind which desires to place a location or duration on the Self.  You are not graspable in this way.

You cannot be ascertained by any means whatsoever, yet the knowledge of your Self is ever-present, present in all experience.  There is nothing that needs to be done for you to BE or KNOW your Self.

You are always fully present, fully shining, fully awake.  You are the ground of all experience, the condition of the world, the IS-ness of this moment, the potentiality of all creation.

You have not come into existence therefore will not cease to exist, cease to BE.  YOU ARE - this is all you can say with certainty.  YOU ARE truly means "Awareness IS".

This IS-ness is undeniable - inescapable.  All spiritual searches assume becoming, while you remain as you are, always beyond all searches.  You are not findable.  You will never appear as a result of the search - for you always ARE.

The mind carries on, trying to quantify and qualify, trying to put a fence around your Self.  It overturns each rock, looks between the covers of each book - yet YOU are always there in spite of the frustrating search.

The mind places the idea called "limited".  Yet you are never limited in any way.  The mind leverages time and space - creating the story of a lifetime of seeking, an individual who is valiantly marching down the spiritual path, hidden in darkness and yearning for the light of enlightenment.

Yet without your presence, the search could not take place.

You are the light which illuminates the world, the Sun which warms the galaxy, the sky which provides a space for the clouds to come and go.  You are the ocean which takes shape as the wave while, never being limited by them.

You are the actual reality of this very moment, the beingness which is always undeniable and not in need of a search.

The Absolute is closer than your face, more intimate than any thought.  The Absolute Reality isn't arrived at, doesn't come in anew as some brilliant experience.

Nothing new is required.  The Absolute is YOU, just as you are this very moment.  Only deeply inquire any ideas you have about your Self.  Each idea is a limitation - you are the limitless Absolute Reality. 

Amazingly, wonderfully, no concept can actually limit YOU.  Verify this in your own experience.  Find out if these ideas you have about your Self are true.  Without them, your true nature as the limitless Reality is found to be already shining, without the first effort. 


No One In Particular said...

All my favourite pointers in one limited, boundless blog entry. So lovely to read.

Anonymous said...

So how come if I am one is doing's like being the prisoner of a grand joke.

no creation just full effect....with no choice.

Anonymous said...

something is missing.....a handbook for how to operate in the material universe....or do we just contemplate our navels and eat what is given with no opinion of good or bad or want or like or dislike.

Randall Friend said...


I'm not sure I understand your question.

Good and bad, like and dislike - these are all of the mind's domain.

What is knowing the mind? Can you get behind that knowing to have a look at it?

No - because you already ARE THAT.

Therefore anything the mind can come up with is irrelevant to this. Mind literally cannot grasp it in it's terms of good or bad, like or dislike.

What you are is the most intimately-known aspect of all experience, ever-present, self-shining.

You are not operating in the material universe. The universe is appearing in YOU.


Anonymous said...

I can assume both points of view, operating in the material universe and the universe appearing in me. But so what........can one manifest from nothing anything they wish to experience or is there no control in 'causing' manifestation? do you know?

Randall Friend said...


Your question has many assumptions built into it. In a dream, anything can happen. Who manifests? What is this manifestation? Investigate these concepts and see if they are true before building on top of them.

It is this tendency of mind to build on false assumptions which creates the idea of your Self as a limited individual.

You are already the limitless awareness. There is nothing that is needed to make this so. Look and see if the idea of limitation is true.


Jesus said...

Something is missing for whom??....The subject who is asking that question should vanished by itself, after seeing what is false, then what it remains is THAT,...
Full Stop buddy!....get on your life and just realise that there is not answers to your questions...your mind will never be satisfied....once you understand that......