Friday, September 4, 2009

The Boogeyman

Reality is clear and obvious. Wakefulness is already the case. SEEING is happening. Yet in identification and focus on the objective content of Consciousness, the idea of the individual becomes a central reference, an "entity" who exists, who came into existence and will cease to exist. Then there is "someone" who sees. Then there is a template of "ME-SEEING".

Inquire into this idea of the individual - what is it? WHERE is it? How do you know OF it? Is it a sensation? Is it a perception? Is it an idea (thought)?

Looking closely, it is found to be an idea or belief, a thought-story, which references something that isn't obvious, that isn't present, that has no direct evidence or experience. The entirety of the individual is thought-belief. That is the entire make-up or substance of the individual.

It is like the child who, at night, will not open their closet doors because they believe the boogeyman is in there. That belief leads to fear, although in reality there is no boogeyman. Believing it to be factual, the child suffers greatly. When the parents finally open the doors, no one is found hiding, and the child relaxes.

Open the doors, don't be afraid. Pull back the curtains and examine what you take yourself to be. The individual cannot exist without belief.

SEEING is happening, yet no "seer" can ever be found.


Roeland said...

Thank you for your clear post. Without thought there is no identity and no individuality.
And even when there is thought the identity is always fluctuating and changing so no solid 'person' can be found.
It is just an ever changing story, that depends on thought only.

Randall Friend said...


Hello again my friend. Well said.

love to you