Friday, April 3, 2009

Rock Solid

What you are does not move, does not change. What you are is not conditioned, does not have attributes. What you are remains while what you TAKE yourself to be comes and goes.

The thoughts are coming and going. The body is coming and going. Something remains prior to, to witness the coming and going of what you TAKE yourself to be.

This witnessing is a Presence - a solidity. Rock-solid. Peace is the absence of resistance to what IS. This witnessing Presence is Peace - the resistance comes in thought.

This Presence is knowing all that comes and goes - the ultimate subject to all objects, even the objects of thought and body.

This Knowing Presence remains still and silent while movement and sound dance across the stage.

The spiritual search can never be resolved - because any answer is an intellectual answer. All answers are just more thoughts. Any answer comes within the observed. The only answer is THAT which is aware of the observed, the subject to the objects, already present while the answers are sought after in thought, already aware of the search for answers.

That subjectivity is already present. Presence. Are you not already the subject to all that appears? Don't we know this obviousness as "I"?

So you are not the objects. You are the Subjective Knowing Presence which is reading these words, aware of the screen, aware of the hands on the keyboard, aware of the breathing, aware of the sensations called "body", aware of the thoughts arising. Yet this subjectivity isn't aware of itself as another object.

That Knowing Presence doesn't move, doesn't change. Knowing Presence isn't conditioned, doesn't have attributes. Knowing Presence remains still and silent while the activity of intellect defines the ME you've taken yourself to be.

The eye cannot see the eye, so vision is defined by what is seen. The tongue cannot taste itself, so taste is defined by what is tasted. Similarly, Knowing Presence only knows itself by knowing the world.

The world is inseparable from that Knowing Presence. How else would you know it?

Another word for Knowing Presence is Consciousness. So we may say that Consciousness is all there is. Consciousness is the world, the tasted, the seen, the object to this pure subject-I, experience to pure experienc-ing.

Can the taste be separate from the tongue? Can vision be separated from the eye?

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