Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being Sky

Walking down the road at night, I look up at the stars.
They seem so far away, yet somehow I know they are very close.
Like I reach out with my eyes and touch them.
The sky is a warm blanket for my Being.

A warm sensation abounds, Life itself buzzing inside me.
Radiating light and energy, activating thought and motion.
From the tip of the head to the tip of the toe.
Life lies within the bundle of blankets I call "body".

Thinking of myself, I can't help but notice.
I've taken "me" to be a wall.
Yet with the sky so warm and Life so full.
I realize that I am a doorway.

I am an opening, vast and deep.
I give no resistance, no friction.
These sensations and warm coverings,
flow through me free and clear.

I am an absence, a void.
I hold no sway, stand no ground.
The warm sky is my very Being.
The light of Life my very Soul.


su said...

I too walked last night by stars alone.

Anonymous said...

Truly Breath taking Randall~!~!~!~!

Fredrik said...

Beautiful my friend!