Monday, December 22, 2008


What is your real Self, your true Self?

Why is the word "Self" used to describe non-dual reality?

What really is yourSelf? What is it?

Is it these sensations and appearances which have been bundled up and called a "body" and "mind"?

Is it the thoughts which come and go or the emotions/feelings?

Is it the ideas or memories or imagination?

Is it the image of yourself?

Your true Self is blindly obvious and ever-present. You know it better than you know anything else, already, before the first nonduality or enlightenment book is read or teacher is visited.

But, there SEEMS to be layers of the conceptual obscuring your true Self. There SEEMS to be all these "things" that you've identified with, taking yourself to be a limited and individual "being" trapped in a bag of skin and seeking a way out of suffering.

Yet you know that you ARE - that you EXIST. This knowingness or aliveness is pure, untouched, impersonal, unmoving and unchanging. This pure Self is at the root of all "identified ideas" of limited self. This pure Self isn't appearing as a temporal or spacial-located "thing" - this pure Self is the very capacity of knowing awareness that is aware of these words, the breath, the sensations...

That pure Self is aware and present, unchanging, unmodified while the seeming world comes and goes as "waking and dream sleep". This pure Self is One in all the apparent relative "things".

There is no distance or time to reach yourSelf - there may seem to be thoughts appearing which claim separateness or suffering - this stream of thought-stories can go on endlessly and it makes absolutely NO difference at all.

Your true Self is the very light by which the thoughts are known.

You already are intimately familiar with your true Self - simply stay with that pure light of aliveness, that very simple and ordinary sense of being - watch how the thoughts and assumptions seem to color this pure light of Self with identification, yet these can only come and go BECAUSE OF this pure Self that you are.

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