Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reality is Nondual

Where can you go to find the answers?

At what point will the correct "pointer" do it's job?

What "state of mind" needs to happen? What "spiritual experience" can come and validate proper understanding?

What you are, what is being sought, is fully present, RIGHT NOW. It is already obvious. It is already here and now. It is necessary for any questions or answers, any pointers to arise, any "states of mind", any "spiritual experiences" or understanding.

What you are isn't going to come "later". The knowledge or understanding of "what you are" isn't the product of a successful search.

What-You-Are is shining, RIGHT NOW, here... THIS. This is it. Whatever "THIS" seems to be. No movement or thought or seeking or reading or questions or answers or "states" or "experiences" are without that principle. Looking for proper answers or special "states" is looking in the wrong direction.

Right NOW - what is happening? Not "I am reading". Not "I am in here and the world is out there". Not "I don't understand". Not "I understand".

What is happening right NOW? Appearances (whatever they may be conceptualized as) are appearing somehow. And the totality of appearance comes on THIS, on this knowing presence, on this "self-shining awareness".

"Awareness" doesn't need anything from the appearance to shine. Everything that appears depends on "awareness" to appear. Awareness is like a movie screen, hosting the movement of light and energy that seems to animate the appearance.

It all comes HERE and NOW - right ON this "screen", this "space", this "openness" - no distance or duration (as these are only assumptions). Every single thing that happens (which has been conceptualized as "ME") appears ON this screen, the sensations and perceptions we call body-mind.

Reality is non-dual - not-two - the two-ness comes as abstraction, inference, assumption.

Non-dual reality is only and EVER THIS RIGHT NOW. This "first instant", this first-and-only moment. And in this, patterns appear which seem to indicate a "ME in a WORLD".

Rest PRIOR TO thought - see that the identifications come AS thought - see that everything you know has come LATER, AFTER or ON TOP OF or IN this basic "wakefulness" or "awareness" or "space of knowing".

And the "appearances" cannot ever be separated from the "screen" on which they appear. Who would do this? The "who" is another appearance.

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