Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Look - there appears a "world" - you are seeing that world effortlessly, that "bundle of appearances" arises as an "object" - so you are not that world.

Look - there appears a "body" - a bundle of sensations, appearing effortlessly in this very same seeing... you are feeling that body, so that "body" is another object - you are not that body.

Look - there appears "thought" - a pattern of "energy", sensations which come and go, holding conceptual content, providing the distinctions of "world, body, thought"... you are seeing the thoughts, it's effortless.... so "thought" is another object - you are not thoughts.

Look - there is a "looking", a "knowing", a witnessing, a mirror-like reflecting of all these "objects". This seeing/knowing is present and unchanging while all these "objects" come and go.

This seeing/knowing, this witnessing presence, is itself NOT of the appearance, not another "object" - it is formless, shapeless, colorless, odorless, without substance or characteristic, without attributes, without personality, without individuality... any of these "characteristics" arise within the field of appearance, as descriptions OF the appearance, yet that witnessing presence cannot be identified in this way.

This presence of "awareness" doesn't have to be found, doesn't have to be attained, doesn't have to be "seen", doesn't have to be added to or increased or widened. This reflecting mirror of witnessing is not the product of a struggle, not the result of years of seeking. This seeing/knowing doesn't have to be found. It is simply "recognized".

Look - the "ME" who wants to "get this", understand, find it, realize it, become "one with it" - that "ME" is another "object", another bundle of thought, arising in this impersonal witnessing presence, this presence of "awareness", this simple seeing/knowing.

The entire subject/object duality is created in thought, in concept. That duality IS the appearance itself, and the appearance rises and sets IN this seeing/knowing presence.

This nonconceptual cognition/seeing/knowing, this "looking before thought", is immediate, effortless, instantaneous - and THEN thoughts come in and define the subject/object, define the "me" who "is doing the seeing", define the relationships, make the conceptual distinctions "after the fact" of clear seeing.

Look - Oneness is looking "out the eyes" right NOW! Oneness is looking at itself! The "YOU" who is created in concept is not seeing anything, doing anything... Oneness is seeing itself... the nature of what is happening is "Seeing-Oneness".

Simply LOOK!


Anonymous said...

Randall, thank you my friend~
That was exquisitely palatable, simple and ultra-clear. And now there is just "This", and this and this... We Are Blessed~

susana said...

That was exquisitely palatable, simple and ultra clear.
Thank you again friend.

Chris said...

Yes this is amazing! Thanks so much!