Thursday, August 28, 2008

Podcast of recent Second Life meeting

Below is a recording of a recent meeting in Second Life. The group name is Meetings in Nonduality & Advaita - the avatar is Avastu Maruti.


Anonymous said...

The sound is not good when the meeting starts....


Anonymous said...

Maybe so. The question remains, what knows that?

susana said...

Spent a week registering for second life.
Registered but could not teleport and just seemed to get sucked into a vortex of nothing.
But a longing was there to hear you speak and I persisted.
Only to give up yesterday, with a fervent wish that there was another way I could hear the words that you speak.
And today, this appears.
Gratitude once again arises.

With the snow falling outside, covering the spring flowers - i thank you.

susana said...

Thank you again for this gift.
Some things you said resonated.
Thought I would share:
Presence is necessary for the mind to even happen, necessary for even thoughts to happen.

To experience knowing is to have a thought, to experience knowing is to see this computer screen, to hear this voice, the feeling of the body is the knowing.

If the thoughts arise, they are happening to the presence. It is in the presence that its happening.

You can't even have a confused thought without the knowing being there.

The moon happens in this witnessing, I can't separate this witnessing from the moon.

These meetings are going to get boring after the third one because we say the same thing over and over and either we stop and take notice or we don't and it doesn't make any difference because presence is already there anyway.

So thank you again for these jewels.
And in this space of knowing, devotion arises.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Randall~
Such a clear expression of This~
Thank you<>