Thursday, July 3, 2008


What IS - THIS moment? What really is it?

Does time - the past or future - exist in this moment? It may, as a thought, as a memory or a regret, or an imagination or an anxiety.

But these are all thoughts happening in THIS moment.

Does space exist in this moment? It may - if we use assumptions like "here" and "there" - but HERE is all there really is - if we "go" over "there", we are still "HERE" the entire way. The only "over there" is a conceptual formation in thought.

And where is the idea of ME? Isn't it happening in this moment? As a thought? Where is the ME in this moment? Can it happen anywhere outside of thought? Try to find that ME without using thought...

And what is awareness or consciousness or Oneness or Enlightenment? Aren't these ideas happening in this very moment? Aren't these attempts to point to this very moment itself? Aren't these pointing to THAT IN WHICH the very ideas of time and space and ME happens? This MOMENT!

And "this moment" is also happening as an "idea" in this very moment. "This moment" is still duality, assumes "other moments"... are there ever any other moments except THIS VERY MOMENT?

And is this a NEW moment? Has this moment ever changed? The appearances within the moment have changed, the thoughts come and go, the image of ME has come and gone over and over, changing and never holding still, but has THIS MOMENT ever changed?

Is this moment actually moving with time? Or is this the ONLY moment there has ever been? The FIRST and only moment? Eternity and infinity happen in THIS first and only moment.

Can you escape this moment? The very idea of "one" who can escape happens in this very moment, in this first instant, in THIS, the only thing that exists, NOW!

This moment is the container for all that appears. This unchanging and formless "moment" in which happens the flux and flow and transition and distinction and labeling and language and words and concepts and beliefs and ideas and religion and spirituality and rush-hour traffic and suffering and happiness and "searching" and "finding" and confusion and delusion and Enlightenment and Oneness. - All happening IN this unchanging ground, this solid, still ocean of Peace and Love of this very moment.

Without using concepts, the only thing you can say that you've ever TRULY been and ARE is this empty, overflowing Moment, this Stillness, full of sound, this Peace, full of bustle and thoughts and suffering and happiness, this Love, full of desire and fear and hate and war and violence and meanness and kindness, this pure and present Bliss, full of thoughts of "seeking" bliss and "avoiding" pain and confusion, this simple and obvious Nondual Absolute Oneness - in which duality appears, in which the subject and object are created, in which the opposites play, in which there is no one outside of Oneness to look.

This moment is the unchanging container which holds ALL the changes, all the emptiness becoming form, all the ideas of finding anything or losing anything, literally any THING at all happens in this NO-THING, this very moment.


Anonymous said...

Everything......absolutely everything is THIS moment - just as it is. And there ain't nothing a 'you' or 'anyone' can 'do' about it. All such attempts are also THAT - which is THIS immediacy which is beyond description. Since all descriptions are 'appearances' in THIS.
Warm regards - Gilbert.

Eric Putkonen said...

Great post! Thought is always about the past and future, never the now...THIS MOMENT. In the absence of thought, THIS MOMENT is clear...and it is clear you are THAT.


~ Eric Putkonen