Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look nowhere other than that 'I AM'

The following words from 'Sailor' Bob Adamson contain the entire content of what needs to be seen to know what you truly ARE. Absorb it fully, there is nothing else that is needed.

"If you are seeking truth, reality, God or whatever you like to call it, I suggest that you start with the only reality you are absolutely certain of—that is the fact of your own being. There is no one sitting here who can say 'I am not'. Each one of us knows 'I am'. But that thought 'I am' is not the reality. It is the closest you will ever get to it with the mind. That 'I am' is just a translation by the mind of that sense of presence, the awareness of presence or the presence of that awareness. That is the only reality we are absolutely certain of. Nobody under any circumstances can say 'I am not'. That knowing is constantly and ever with us. And that is why we say that what you are seeking you already are."


Anonymous said...

Dear Randall,

i would be interested if you know Douglas Harding. I read two of his books. And when reading them i immediately falled in this space, this beingness, in which everything appears. It´s so easy and no effort was needed. And it is very ordinary. But somehow changed the perspective.

Is this vibring space, this presence, which is instantly there, when i make the experiments of Douglas, that what you are talking about? Can the search be called of then? Can it be so easy?

Warm regards


kaicevy said...

The following words from 'Sailor' Bob Adamson contain the entire content of what needs to be seen to know what you truly ARE

Anonymous said...

So this 'I AM' doesn't really exist.In fact It doesn't exist. It appears to exist because of a superficial wau of looking.But in fact when you look closer it's just a nebulous trapdoor. You fall through it in Yourself? Yes?

Anonymous said...

Great photo...

Tattoos are THAT.

fulltimehuman said...

don't know if the I AM exists or not, some say nothing exists, that God is a void. I remember when the I Am came, it felt as an intrusion from the outside and my reaction in regards my parents was "why aren't they saying anything, protecting me" but to this day it felt as an invasion. At any rate, I am somewhat confused as to what the I Am is (I AM THAT I AM) or "best friend and worst enemy" (Nisargadatta) and although I spend a lot of time abiding in the I AM, I am confused at times because apparantly (is this right?) the self can only be seen when the I AM falls away, goes into the heart, my understatnding is that this is rare indeed (..few there be that find it) so are all the people talking Advaita know the self firsthand or just talking...?