Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dance of Suffering

The waves of this moment wash over us - washing away any sense of individuality, any personality, and sense of "my life"...

We must then go back to the past, go back into memory, to recall the previous "moment" - to recall the "ME" of yesterday, the "story of my life".

NOW is ever-fresh, ever-new - there is nothing to hold on to, nothing to grasp, all comes out of silence and returns to silence - nothing persistent or permanent ever exists outside of THOUGHTS about it.

As THIS MOMENT - the entire appearance comes and goes, only objectified in thought, only "present" as a passing sensation, only "real" within the framework of mind.

IN WHAT is this "human experience" happening? IN WHAT is mind happening? WHAT is knowing the idea of the "knower", the "thinker", the "doer"?

That impersonal knowing, that empty space and silence out of which form and sound comes, that SEEING/KNOWING is ever-present, ever only Peace, only Love, only Bliss/Joy/Being.

YOU ARE - THAT is obvious - in or on top of that all sorts of "appearances" come and go. We get stuck and try to hold on to a certain appearance and push away another. This is the dance of suffering.

The subject and object only come in thought - these two take turns in a dance of appearance - created only in thought, only in belief, in assumption.

Look and see if you can find what is knowing this dance, what is watching the passing show... is THAT part of the dance of suffering?

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