Friday, December 21, 2007

The Silent Space of Knowing

You're going on through life, striving for this and that... you are seeking to make your life situation better, through relationships, financial gain, career advancement, spirituality...

You believe you are the person, you believe you are the body-mind... you believe you are thinking thoughts, making decisions, doing this and that...

Somewhere along the way, Advaita Vedanta or some other "non-duality" teaching has appeared to you... you hear of Enlightenment and think - this has to be a good thing! I want that!

So you start reading, meditating, attending satsangs, chanting, repeating mantras.... you try to find a guru who has attained this Enlightenment and can share the knowledge necessary so you can also attain it. THEN, your life will be better, you will be happy, the suffering and pain will forever end.

You are looking in the world of form, of manifestation, for the answer. It will never be found there. You are looking for an experience of bliss, peace, love, light... experiences may come but will ALWAYS pass...

The direction is "inward" - "I AM" is the window...

If asked - who is reading these words? - you respond "I AM". If asked - who is aware? - you respond "I AM".

So the world of form, even the form of that body and thoughts - that's not it. Stay in the "I AM" - rest here, in this basic sense of beingness, in this open space of knowingness, in this awareness prior to, during and after any thought.

"I AM" points directly to this silent beingness - it's what you're most familiar with, the sense of existence and awareness. The body and thought form come and go but this sense of silent, impersonal knowingness is ever-present.

This "I AM" is the window through which your true nature can be found. Turn away from the forms and appearances - go directly into the "I AM". Find out what this is - what it refers to.

In that silent space of knowing, there is no personality, for the personality arises in form. In that silent space of knowing, there is no individuality, for the individuality arises in relation to the form of the body.

In that silent space of knowing, there is no seeking, for the seeking only occurs to the dream character, the appearance of the human form and thought which arise.

In that silent space of knowing, there is no need for enlightenment. Any happiness or peace or love or bliss that is attained in the form of the body can only ever be temporary. But this silent space of knowing is without the ability to judge or resist or analyze - it just watches the world pass by.

And what you are is THAT.

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