Friday, December 21, 2007

What I Am

This body is tired and weak. The body feels pain, emotions, pleasure...

This mind is confused sometime, analytical, defining, thinking...

The mind often affects the body - a thought flares and the body reacts with sensations.

But what I am is never affected by any of this.

What I am simply notices all these perceptions and sensations - without labeling, without judging.

What I am does not have the capacity to label or judge.

What I am does not think, but witnesses thinking.

What I am does not act, but witnesses action.

What I am does not have beliefs, but witnesses beliefs.

What I am does not have words, but witnesses words.

What I am has no form, shape or size, but witnesses forms of all shapes and sizes.

What I am has no center, circumference or borders - therefore I cannot find where I end and the world begins.

What I am is nothing - just the empty witnessing of all that arises.

What I am is everything - all forms and activities appear in what I am.

What I am has no name, no life story, no personality, no family, no job, no money, no shelter.

What I am is the open space which accepts all without condition, the open space in which all appears. What I am cannot be known - what I am is the very knowing itself.

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