Saturday, November 24, 2007

This - by Joe Winslow

Joe Winslow just started this blog - already there are some very clear pointers - read more at Only--This

Sometimes it seems so clear. All of your five senses are reporting the same thing. NOW. None of the senses know anything about past or future. They are only reporting NOW. They are all NOW. The mind takes all this info that they are reporting and creates your dream. Do the five senses have a problem? Does NOW have a problem? You are NOW.

Everything you have to sense this world is telling you this. NOW is all there is. Past and future are the dream of mind. Stop and sense this. Everything you have to perceive THIS...NOW is telling you this.

Your mind wont tell you this, But your five senses will. And thats ALL you have to know what's going on. Stop and be present with them. They are telling you the same thing over and over. There is only THIS. Thats all they know.

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