Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking in the wrong places - Gilbert Schultz

Non Duality is simple – there is nothing more simple.

Nothing that can be said will ever reveal Oneness. – It is already clearly obvious in natural seeing. - All that can happen for the so-called individual, is that the mind ceases to project its old belief patterns – and in that ‘moment’ the natural oneness of everything is registered clearly on awareness. – Oddly enough this is always happening but it is not noticed.

– Some laugh their heads off at seeing the simplicity of it all and at the fact that it was always here and so obvious. – This, when merely 'heard about' can be very annoying ‘for the mind’ and a habitual frustration buzzes about in the mind - more activity that keeps the mind busy. – No one can predict how this natural effortless seeing will miraculously reveal itself – and is it true to say that it ever does? - To suggest that it will reveal itself is actually a bit of a trap – an erroneous trap for the mind.

The simple fact is that seeing is always happening.

Where are you seeing from?........

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