Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is simple, obvious, unavoidable and beyond doubt.

Anything that arises to question, analyze, define, limit or judge is only mind. This arises in the simple presence that you are.

Prior to any of this, there is a still, silent knowing presence. This is never absent and never changes.

"On top" of this, the sensation of a body arises, thoughts arise, the perception of a world arises. This movement can only be known by its contrast with the silent stillness that is absolutely always present.

The knowing of this body and thoughts have been falsely identified with. The projection and filtered picture of the world perceived has been falsely believed in as real and separate.

There is no method or path or religion or philosophy which is needed in order to BE. This inherent existence, this knowing presence, is what you are, what you ALREADY are, before thoughts arise to question or doubt.

Just NOTICE what is already going on. Just NOTICE this silent, still screen of knowingness - then notice that anything that arises in this presence cannot be what you are, not even that body, thoughts, or any of the stories that the mind continually plays.

This is the very definition of peace - BEING PEACE. You cannot be anything else. Anything else is just more appearances in that knowing presence. The energy of the perceived body or thoughts appears in this but the still, silent presence is never absent and never changes. It's never touched by any of the appearances. It/YOU is always totally at peace and cannot ever be anything but peace.

The only thing that apparently happens is attention on the appearances. Then we get caught up in the story, use memory to tie it all together, refer it back to a false "person", then suffer.

Do you see why it's called "ignorance"? It's ignoring what's already there - the basic nature of peace that you always already are.

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