Friday, October 12, 2007

I am nothing - I am everything

Nisargadatta said - as the Witness, I am nothing. As the Absolute, I am everything.

First see that the attention and identification on the objects which appear is false. Once this is clear, it becomes obvious that anything that appears cannot be separate from what I am.

This entire appearance only arises NOW. In this NOW, this PRESENCE, there is no time or space. These are only mental definitions which attempt to put labels on what is directly perceived.

In order to separate the world, the mind must label. If I just LOOK, all I see is a picture arising in awareness. Even to say a picture arises in awareness is too much and still mind. It's just THIS.

Before language was learned, we just LOOKED. We saw arms waving and feet kicking. We didn't have any concept of separation. It was all just THIS, NOW.

There cannot be ANYTHING outside of this very moment, this very PRESENCE. In order to be a person and have a life story and define space and time, the mind must use concepts.

Prior to all this, YOU EXIST. And in this existence, there is no room for ME here and the world there. As the Witness, I am nothing other than the silent knowing of an unknown appearance. As the Absolute, all that is known cannot be anything other than what I am.


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