Sunday, August 12, 2007

Look To The Knower

You will search the world, travel to far-away lands to meet saints and sages. You will immerse in meditation, try to stop thoughts, renounce all your desires.

You will dissect every teaching, analyze every word. You will wait for a blissful experience or expect a sudden and permanent state to arrive.

All this is in vain and needless.

Consciousness appears - the world arises. The body-mind flops about in many interesting ways. Nothing in this can show you what you are.

You can only come to know yourself through turning around. Look to the knower. See what is SEEING.

What you are has nothing to do with anything you know, learn, achieve, attain... what you are is the very KNOWINGNESS of all that arises.

If you point to something, ANYTHING, and say "Is this what I am?" The answer is NO. Nothing you can point out, nothing you can perceive, is what you are.

You are the very PERCEIVER of it all - turn around and find what is LOOKING out. This is not the body, not the eyes, not the brain - these are all objects known. This is not the mind or thoughts which are objects and only serve to translate what is known.

It is very simple - stop looking outside to find what is already fully present. You are the very present awareness in which ALL objects arise.

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