Sunday, August 12, 2007


There are NO conditions that need to be met before you can realize what you are.

There are no practices or methods that need to be done before you can realize what you are.

There is no special spiritual state or blissful experience you need to have before you can realize what you are.

In fact, there is literally nothing that can be done. There is no YOU to do anything.

In the appearance, spiritual teachings have resonated, books have been read, practices have been done and teachers have been met. Something is already going on. Who has done all this?

If you were really doing it, really controlling it, wouldn't you CHOOSE to have already realized what you are?

Nothing can be done - anything that arises is happening spontaneously within the appearance of the world, including your spiritual search. It will resolve itself without anyone being there to do anything to assist, to achieve, to realize. More reading may occur, meditation may arise, teachers may manifest, insights may come to the surface - but these will all happen spontaneously with no one causing them.

So just go on - relax... the seed has been planted, the tree will grow strong. What you have taken yourself to be has already been exposed as false. The arisings will be viewed with this understanding - even if you only "intellectually" understand.

What you are is already fully present - what you are could not ever be missing or lost for one second. Worrying about it or striving for realization is just another goal you're working on. As long as it is a goal, it can never be found.

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