Thursday, July 5, 2007

What I am is Love

It is very obvious that what I am is love - the belief in the separate person breeds the feeling of me vs. the world - of "needing" to protect "myself", needing to remain at a distance from others so as not to let them in - to remain "professional" - the animosity can be ridiculous...

With that sense of a separate entity, one could "love yourself" - but that allows for the possibility of "not loving" others... also, if you "love yourself" it's also very easy to "hate yourself." Since the situation and the very personality and choices change - the self-perspective necessarily changes.

Not by "dropping the I" but in seeing that the "I" that I took myself to be never actually existed - it is very obvious that what I am is love... what I am is an expression of THIS, just as all "others" are also expressions of THIS - no separation. In that Oneness, how can I have animosity towards others/what I am? How can I even hate or love others/what I am? Hate and love are just relative labels for assumed separate things.

What I am is the absence of anything, including love and hate. It manifests as, not love in the "traditional" sense, but an uncaused joy and uncaused acceptance of all arisings as they are - this can be seen as love or compassion but it's nothing other than the natural state of joy of BEING/KNOWING.

The "evidence" of this is apparent in the arisings here - there seems to be a joy and love and acceptance pervading this life story, coming from nowhere. It just arises.

But yet the caveat is - this SPACE also holds the potential for hate, anger, war, prejudice, despair... it is not a "preference" to love and joy which "causes" this seeing but the actuality of BEING, arising as THIS, just as it is, with no one to love or hate.

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