Wednesday, July 18, 2007


There is no "you" and there is no world. All that apparently arises is nothing but an illusion - created by the mind. You are the mind and all it's creation - you create the world because you are interested.

What you are is the very light - the very activity - that arises as all form. But in reality nothing at all is happening, has ever happened nor ever will happen. You were not born nor will you die. There is nothing - no-thing.

In seeing this, immense joy, tears and laughter may arise - but still nothing is happening, no joy, no tears, no laughter, no seeing, no one to see.

All there is, is NOW, THIS. There is no purpose, no meaning - how can nothing have a meaning? How can no one find a purpose. Your entire "life" is meaningless - there is no you and there is no life.

The mind may reject this - it wants there to be a meaning, wants to find a purpose, wants to be Enlightened, wants a "better life". But the simple fact is - there is no one to get or find anything - no one or no thing to get Enlightened. There is no mind apart from THIS.

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