Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Down to the Basics

The core cause of all suffering is the belief in the existence of a separate, controlling "I" or "ME". Once this is seen through, all else drops away. Seeking can seemingly go on forever until this basic point is resolved. But it doesn't take time, or special meditation, or chanting, or reading books. What you are is already shining brightly - illuminating all that arises as "your life."

If you are a seeker and still have questions - drop all the expectations inherent in the concept of "Enlightenment." Drop the expectations that there will be some magical or powerful experience or special state. There may be "spiritual experiences" or special states - but these only arise within the being-awareness that you already are. What you are seeking is 100% present RIGHT NOW - you don't need to take a single step to reach it - in fact, that single step is one step too many. Movement or searching in any way is simply looking in the wrong direction.

Investigate this "I" that you take yourself to be - does it exist? Can you find it? If you find yourself going down a thought-path about this or that, stop and ask "who is thinking?" If you find an expectation of "Enlightenment" arising, ask "who wants to be Enlightened?" Find this "I" if you can. That is the only task a seeker needs to be concerned with.

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