Sunday, July 29, 2012


In India, many people greet each other with the words "Namaste" - this is joined usually by a slight bow and palms touching in front, sort of like a prayer gesture.

Namaste means - literally - I bow to you - but the way it's used - or the meaning behind it I suppose - is "I bow to God in you" or "I bow to that in you which is God".  

Many people in spiritual circles have adopted this expression and use it constantly - I would reckon many don't truly understand the significance.  IF they did, their search would be over instantaneously.  To most, especially in the West, it's just another thing, along with beads and chants, to feel more spiritual.

What are they really saying, when they are addressing someone with the expression "Namaste"?  Aren't they saying - there is some part of you that is God - there is some part of you that is Essence or Absolute or whatever word we want to use for that Divinity?  And if everyone can be addressed with "Namaste", aren't we really saying that everyone has that Divinity as part of what they are?

Now if everyone is part Divinity, what is the remainder?  Is it like a mixed drink - I'd like a whiskey and coke?  So I'm part Divinity and part an individual entity which was created and stand alone apart from everything else?  Wouldn't the Divine include everything else which might be included?  Is there a partial Divine?  A partial Wholeness?  Ha!  So sort of by definition, that Divinity INCLUDES that hint of the individual, the feeling of individuality or the mechanism BY WHICH the Divine is aware of this whole thing - the experience we call "world".

This expression "Namaste" honors the individual, which is an expression of the Divinity - and points to the fact that IN ESSENCE - you are that Divinity - that Divinity is addressing itself in this way, yes?

So this expression is a teaching - actually a potent pointer - when grasped it can eradicate the idea of the individuality as what-you-are and point towards the fact that you are THAT ESSENCE itself, that Divinity, that FROM WHICH the individual comes and goes.  So the Indians, even if they don't understand it, are pointing towards that simple recognition each time.

Namaste, my friends.


Sat Prem said...

Namaste'Dear Friend~

Matty Boy said...

Hi Randall,

Do you think the food we eat has any connection to our thoughts. I have seen generally hinduism preaches vegeterian diet. Is there strong connection between our diet and the thought process.

I agree there is no one to control any thoughts or actions. But just curious on your veiwpoint on this question as i have seen most of the so called advaita circle also tend to follow a vegetarian diet.


Randall Friend said...

Hi Matty,

This sort of thing, like diet and various recommended activities are there to generate an environment and feeling of calm, to help bring the lessening of agitation. It is thought that a vegetarian diet helps in this way, however it's not necessary in the scheme of things.

The single most important thing is to come to a point where getting to the bottom of it becomes more important than anything else. At that point all other thoughts are pushed aside or become fuel for the fire, all feelings are evaluated against the inquiry, all experiences are seen through the lens of inquiry.

Why? Because those root assumptions have been there and are really unseen or unconscious. Our entire reality is built upon these most basic assumptions. We aren't usually ready to throw them out, or even seriously question them. We prefer for them to remain in place and for the spiritual pursuit to be something FOR that individual who exists on it's own. We don't really want to see through the individual - therefore we leave that alone and pursue for the SAKE OF that individual. Even the question of diet only pertains to that individual.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks Randall! I agree that even the question of diet or any question pertains to an individual or imagined self.

A very basic question, who is aware of this body ? made it clear that there is only experiencing/ seeing/ knowing and nothing else.

In seeing this every now and then there is peace but for no one :)

Thanks for all your pointers.