Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life is happening

What else can we say but Life is happening.  All around us.  In every cloud that forms and passes, in every thought that forms and passes, in every person that forms and passes.  Life is happening.  Life is what-IS - if we must, if we CAN give what-IS a name. 

Can we truly separate the cloud and the thought and the body?  Can we find a different essence in each "thing", in each appearance, in each pattern?  If we can find a different essence - if there are two patterns with distinctly different essences, then we have debunked the spiritual search - we have found that the world truly IS two, or more.  However if we cannot find different essences, only differences in the patterns or manifestations OF that essence, then the world truly is not-TWO.

Many in appearance, one in essence.  

So where do you sit in all this?  Here you are, trying to make sense of it all, trying to figure it all out.  This body is just a pattern itself - these thoughts are simply patterns.  The essence remains the same.  Because of this intelligence there is the capacity to inquire into what I am.  In order to do that, I must first have assumed that I am something separate and other-than, yes?  So with that stake in the ground I must find something to change that basic fact.  But if it's true I can't change it.  IF I am truly something separate, no amount of spiritual seeking can change that.  No samadhi is going to make me one with the universe.  It is cool for a while but then I'm back to my plain old ordinary life.

So we're not trying to change our nature but understand what that nature IS.  And we may finally understand that we've always had an incorrect idea about the nature of reality, about the nature of Life.  We've taken the multitude of appearances, of different patterns, as different "things" - complete with their own independent essences.  When we really put down the spiritual games and dive into this idea itself, we find it to be false.  And because it's false, we realize that, although there are infinite appearances or patterns, there is truly only one essence - whatever we want to CALL it.

Therefore we realize that what-I-AM is not something OTHER THAN, not something different, not something independent - what-I-AM is THAT, that essence, THAT FROM WHICH all appears, expresses, patterns.  

There is nothing that I am not, nowhere that I am not.

So whether it's a bustling rush-hour, a stroll beside a peaceful lake, or the moment before the big bang, what IS is WHAT I AM.  That is the point of every single post on this blog.  There can be 5000 posts but they are all pointing to one basic thing - you ARE THAT already - don't try to GET THERE but realize you are already THAT, already THERE. 


Jaan said...

It's so great reminder that you can't become anything because you already are the self, perfect and full. Brings stillness and peace.
But I somehow tend to forget this simple truth when going through the daily life.
I really enjoy your blog.

clueless said...

Just looking at the wei wu wei quote; anybody got any idea what might be meant by "sartori"?