Sunday, February 19, 2012

That Which Is Present

Where can this entity be found?  Is it in the neuron?  The cell?  The nerve?  The atom?  The blood?  The bone?  Is there some "one" located in this body?  Are you in the mind?  Do you have a mind?  Do you use a mind?  Are you in the head?  Are you in the middle of the head?  Behind the eyes?  Between the ears?  In the left lobe?  The right? 

If we cannot scientifically locate the individual in the brain, even though we can zoom down into the subatomic level, then where exactly is it located?  

There is a presence - you are there.  You are confident about that, as you should be.  You know you exist.  That cannot be denied.  However to tie that existence into some entity abiding in the brain or head is complete mythology, no different from some God which lives in the sky.  There is no entity there.  

We get confused when we hear that - it makes sense but then we say "yet I'm here!"  Yes - but can we disconnect the obviousness of present existence/awareness with the mythology of individuality?  Can we lay aside this idea for a bit, detach completely from it so that a genuine inquiry can be made into what you might be?  In the absence of some individual entity, yet in the obviousness of aware presence, we might intuit that there is an intelligence present, that which we call Life, THAT which is presently aware.  

The leap is truly that short - THAT which truly IS - that singular existence or essence - THAT is presently aware - if we speak of a body-mind organism, of Consciousness, then we can say that Life is aware because of that mechanism, because of that capacity called Consciousness.  

The obvious begins to sort of open up - what-I-AM is THAT which IS, that existence - that essence.  Life, if we must give it a name.  This realization dissolves the myths I have about myself and the obvious becomes obvious.  I didn't have to do anything to BE that.  I already AM that, only the idea that I am an individual precludes the obvious truth that I am Life itself.  

So THAT which you know as "I", that which is always present and aware, THAT is not a mythical person but Life itself, aware of itself.  Realization is simply the falling away of the false.  The true isn't added or changed but only realized.


jaizon said...

Very nice. Fits well with your audio blog entry "Was I Born?" Thank you so much. Love, Preston

billtys said...

Hello Randall,

Great post and clear pointing...I love this post.

Love to you


billtys said...

Hello Randall,

I was bushwalking recently and "clearly saw" that the Bill body/mind does nothing, knows nothing, never emotes or desires, does not think etc. I saw the appearance as a puppet show and it left "me" thinking that this Bill character is definitely not me. I want to make that latter point strongly because I did not think I was anything else either.

This stayed for a day or so and has now left me. However, if I think about it, it is so clear that there is only this universal seeing/intelligence expressing as many...just one big Oneness.

Would you think that correct understanding versus the experiential clarity would ever meet? As I type the question they have already...

I would appreciate your comments.

Love to you Bill

Randall Friend said...

Hello Preston - love to you.

Hi Bill - The "experiential clarity" is simply an opening without conditioning - the filter is not there. Seeing the world as it is, as waves of the ocean, patterns of one essence - it is realized that conditions are not only unnecessary but no longer make any sense.

Correct understanding brings this clarity, this uncaused joy. But even that is just an experience which comes and goes - as it is just another wave upon the ocean, MADE of ocean, even joy is not attached to, not held onto, not coveted or desired.

Forget about the experience of it and remain with the understanding until there is complete conviction - unshakable. Let the play be as it is. Then even the filter can return and it's irrelevant.

You're sitting there, or you're walking along - something is aware of it. Of course the body-mind is active, the neurons are firing and the blood is pumping and the muscles are moving. Yet something is aware, something beyond that inert body, presence, sentience - awareness of your existence, the knowledge that you ARE. That presence is not Bill. Bill is just a name for the body-mind. This presence is Life, intelligence, presence.

It's SO difficult to put into words but it's SO simple. THAT which comes and goes cannot be anything but a pattern, a form-ation - a form OF "something". That "something" is THAT which IS - that "something" patterns into everything objective, yes? So the tree is that Life - the rock is that Life. Yet that subjectivity, that which we call "I" - that cannot stand apart FROM that "something".

As you walk outside, look up at the sky, the trees, the clouds, notice the thoughts, feel the breeze... What is aware of this? Is it Bill or is it Life?

Go give it a try and see if you can answer that one with confidence. Then you're done one way or the other.